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I started my career in 1993, more specifically in the mechanical industry.

In 2017 I started studying CGI as a hobby while still working as a mechanical designer. But it became more serious than I thought.

In 2021 I was fired from the mechanical industry. In that year remote positions was already working and the first opportunities to work with CGI appeared. That same year I left my 28-years career in the mechanical industry to start a new career with CGI.

I currently work as a hard surface and texturing artist for a studio in the UK, making airplanes for Microsoft Flight Simulator. I have also provided my work to studios in Brazil, such as Lightfarm and O2 Filmes.

My career in the mechanical industry gives me deep knowledge of measurements, proportions, mechanical systems and mechanical components. I worked with all the 3D CAD tools on the market: Solidworks, Solid Edge, CREO, CATIA.
  It gave me a great knowledge to use CAD products in the CGI pipeline.

I'm really love CGI and now that's is my job 💪🏼.


My first 3D model, made entirely in AutoCad (1998)

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